Friday, November 16, 2007


Finally, I am done with my last round of exams in uni (hopefully it is the last!). 2 days have past since I finished my last paper and I am already finding it boring...long way to go till the results are out and till my graduation. 19th December, hope I will be in Wilson Hall to get my cert. Things are so unpredictable and I am getting worried for my results. Investments paper I think may be the worse paper I have done for this semester. Even EPM i did not feel so bad for the last semester. duh...I am praying hard.

Talked on the phone with dad regarding our new house's renovation. haha, dad said for my room jus give me a bed and cupboard will do, or else I will always stay at home and would not want to leave home. hehe, I think he is starting to get worried as I am turning 20 soon and still single. lolx~ I said at least supply me with a table and internet mar...then dad say lagi tak boleh! bcos with internet then i will always stick in front of my computer le...lolx~ cute dad! i miss dad so much...i miss his hugs and manja-ing with him...52 days more to go till my flight leaves melbourne.

Even now, I am already starting to miss melbourne although I am still here. Life will be so different back in m'sia. the weather, the public transport, the internet speed etc. haha, funny me right? awaiting to go back home but starting to perli things back in m'sia. bow and arrow situation. =p anyway, I do still hope that I will come back here one day to build my own family here. Future, looks so far from now though...

having bad rashes on both of my elbows. itch till I hiam hiam go long-piak lar. went to see the doc and presribed me with a cream. that tube of cream cost me $16.95. my god...I can go eat a good meal of dim-sum liao lor...hope it heals soon lar, if not have to go see doc again le. best if can gimme a jab heal it in a few hours time. grrrr.....fedup.

woohoo, i finished 20 episodes of show within a nite + a day. my eyes almost pop-out. my roomie must have thought i gila siao le bcos i was crying here and laughing there...haha, paiseh paiseh. ok lar, I am abit crying baby de lar. lil lil things will be enuf to make me cry. so when you talk to me becareful ok? before i start crying the next secone and you will go siao.

things and people are changing. I am not sure what will be waiting for me upon my return. BUT I believe I will be brave enough to stand up if ever I fall. I am in the process of learning to be 坚强. I know that it will be a rough journey ahead for me. Even if I were to fall and bleed, I have faith in myself that I will stand up and continue till I reach the end of it. Wish me luck guys...

btw, I am looking for voluntary work in Melbourne. a better way to utilise my holidays rather than rot at home in front of my laptop mar...=)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

random ngam cham

4 days had past since i said will start kicking for my finals. aha, wanna know how much have i done? erm...not much though...did my investments assignment on friday evening till 2 something in the morning with c and zh and my data lead me to a stuck...wt*...i will reli ki siao if gil gil gives me another set of new data and ask me to do again!

finals is already very very near. its jus 3 weeks away. erm, i needa start kicking lar. i don't know how many times i will say that, but i know tomorrow i am going for dim-sum and shopping at Myer first. teehee, theres sales! hope to get something that suits what i want, although i myself is also not sure what am i actually looking for. =p

thats all for tonite. good nite and sweet dreams! don't let the bed bugs bite! =)

85 days to 7th Jan 2008.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

finally done

finally done with my taxation law final assessment. having a bad migraine during assignment timing is reli very very extremely not can feel your brain thumping in your head and your hair scalp is so tense as if it will crack if you dare to touch it and blood will start oozing from it....

i would like to say thanks here to those ppl who helped me get thru this assignment in a smoother pace, although its not reli tat smooth lar. haha, you know who you are. =) and thanks to those fishy ppl who forced me to learn tat reality is harsh. ya. true. its harsh! i still can't seem to accept it though...but i'll learn to.

anyway, i hope i'll be starting to kick of for the finals. soon. very soon. very very soon. very very very soon. extremely soon. wish me luck ok? i'll be glad if you do. =)

89 days to go till 7th january 2008.

Monday, October 08, 2007

the most stupid thing to do!

yl borrowed some shows from me which i copied and pasted into the dvd-r. she told me her comp couldn't read the dvd so i mar ask her to bring it to me and i'll burn it lor. mana tau i thought i was clever to format all my dvd-r(s) and sure enuf my burner won't work lar after formatting the disc. duh...i oni called my cousin to find out wth is happening after i have formatted 7 pieces and left with one not formatted yet. sure enuf i manage to burn the show into the piece not formatted and all 7 pieces is 'rubbish' le...cannot use to burn show le. if it was only a piece or two i wouldn't feel that bad, but the problem is.........its more than half a dozen! holy shit! act pandai summore lar!!! =.=


mum asked me how was my studies while skype-ing with her yesterday. she asked me, only 50% of what the lecturer you understand ar? then how?......i was stunned, because i never told her bout that before, takkan she read my blog?! oh no...pray hard i will do well in my finals. 4 air tickets have been bought and i can't afford to not graduate end of this year! all of you out there, wish me luck! =p


counting the days down to 7th janunary 08! 92 days more to go! i'm so excited! =)

Friday, October 05, 2007

Random ngam cham

Wisdom Quote for the day by 慧海法师:
“ 是非不传播,对错不糊涂。

I always believe the theory of 种瓜得瓜,种豆得豆. however, this does not seem to be happening in real life wor... did unexpectedly bad for my mid-semesters. i thought that i will at least be an average student by getting the average mark, mana tau i was always a bit more behind the average mark. for example my investments, 0.75 behind the average mark. audit oso, 3 marks behind the average mark and corp fin dono how many marks behind. is so frustrating lar. i studied like shit (that's what i think lar) but i get shitty results, so should i work like shit summore ar....can anyone tell me?

i think i am sort of 'allergic' to flu tablets. without fail for the past few rounds after taking it i had terrible, scary dreams. dreams that make me 飚冷汗 to think about it. then i end up sleeping for 11 hours instead of my originally planned of 8 solid hours and in the end, more...tired instead of refreshing (but my nose stop leaking lar).

one more month and the finals will be here. finishing 4 subjects in exactly a week doesn't seem to be so great after all. i rather have a gap of a week between each subject. i don't mind closing the door for REB if i can have more time to prepare for my subjects. will be fun besides the fact that i will be worried till the results are out! =)

p/s: the fact to whether apply for pr is still bothering me. how?! how?! how?!

Monday, October 01, 2007





Saturday, September 29, 2007

Exam timetables

The timetable of my final round of exam in uni life is officially out! Starting on 6th November and ending on 13th November. So short time summore having a weekend in between, sure it doesn't looks nice lar. Officially announcing my time table everyone!

6th Nov - Investments
7th Nov - Corporate Finance
9th Nov - Auditing and Assurance Services
13th Nov - Taxation Law

So.....anyone of you want to come over to Melbourne after 13th Nov? Wish me luck and bless me in order to stop surfing internet till the exams end! I can't stop surfing the net leh...Blog-hopping is soooooooooo fun! Fluff racing for fluff pets on Facebook is soooooooo fun too! XD